Where’s your local UFO?

Monday, November 19, 2007 at 3:14 pm · 4 comments

by Dave Jackson (Scoop0901)

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If things keep going how they are now, it seems all areas of the country may have their “own” UFO — you know, a proverbial unidentified flying object — to claim, just like one community in Pennsylvania has right now.

The local cops in Whitehall, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, have investigated claims of a “flying saucer” in the area, and after their careful investigation, declared there truly is a UFO in the area.

“It was right above that large pine tree,” Mike Bilski, of Whitehall, told a camera crew for Philadelphia’s WCAU TV (NBC 10). In fact, the object was just outside Bilski’s front porch.

“It was just kinda hovering there and spinning,” Bilski told the . “A silver flying saucer.”

Being true investigators, the folks at NBC10 pondered the question that was at the heart of the Air Force’s now-abandoned research into extra-terrestrial flying objects, , asking rather childishly, “Could a UFO really be flying above Whitehall in broad daylight?”

Well, it seems Bilski is a believer. He was quoted by NBC10 as saying, “I believe it’s possible.”

Good for Bilski. It’s always good to have your faith well-grounded in something, and if that “something” is the belief that your city has its own UFO, so be it.

As it turns out, odder than odd, there really, truly is a flying saucer in Whitehall. NBC10′s illustrious news crew even managed to capture it on film for all to see. In broad daylight, even! Woohoo!

All you UFOlogists pack up and get to Lehigh County, Pennsylvania now, and when you get there, look up David Godiska, owner of Northampton Gallery Pianos, and he will be glad to let you examine the local UFO ’til your heart’s content.

Is seems Godiska is one of those people who believe you have to invest your money in things that are worth owning, and when that chance-of-a-lifetime came up — the offer to buy his own flying saucer — he couldn’t say no, it seems.

It seems Godiska his own certified flying saucer for a mere $10,000.

“People spend thousands on cars, a lot of people spend 80 grand on a Mercedes. At least this is a flying saucer,” Godiska said.

He bought the UFO, a former Hollywood prop, from a private collector in California, no less, about three years ago, he said. It wasn’t until this past Halloween that he decided to set the flying sauce … well, flying. How he managed the feat — getting the 15-foot wide spaceship, featured in Mars Attacks and Men in Black Two — airborne. There were no ropes holding it in position. There wasn’t a crane hoisting it. According to NBC 10, “It just seemed to fly through the air.”

Godiska told NBC 10, that his flying saucer, much like magic, has its own secrets when asked just how it was hovering.

“No, can’t tell you. That’s a secret and magicians don’t tell secrets,” the piano-selling, UFO-owning Lehigh County resident said.

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1 Dave J. (Scoop0901) November 26, 2007 at 10:00 am

It sounds like someone needs to come home … or, as a play on an old ad … “come bock to de ci-tee.” :)

Speaking of being hungry, that reminds me:

2 andrea November 25, 2007 at 4:56 pm

Actually I say Geno’s only because it’s well known. BUT if we want to talk favorites, I’d go with Salerno’s! Now I’m not only hungry but I’m missing my home town.

3 Dave J. (Scoop0901) November 21, 2007 at 1:08 am

Good Lord, Andrea! You want to kill the aliens — legal or otherwise — with something from Geno’s? That’s horrible! But, if extra-terrestrials ever manage to find our Big Blue marble, one can but hope that when the come to Philly, they are wise enough to find one of the many local hoagie and cheesesteak joints, not Geno’s or Pat’s.

I’d go with a Lee’s over Geno’s any day. Now I’m hungry! ;)

4 andrea November 20, 2007 at 11:56 pm

I hope the aliens at least went to Gino’s for a cheese steak!

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