Navarrette kicks Anti-American sentiment into illegal alien issue

Thursday, March 20, 2008 at 6:45 am · 2 comments

by Dave Jackson (Scoop0901)

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USAFlagTurnedUpsideDown_fromOne-Simple-idea.comBig mouth Ruben Navarrette, Jr., is once again in full-swing with his anti-American banter, this time by saying, (Americans are) so reluctant to accept any responsibility for illegal immigration — a self-inflicted wound that they bring upon themselves by aggressively hiring illegal immigrants — they can’t wait to pin the blame on Mexico and its leaders.

The problem with this comment is that Navarrette is seemingly accusing every American, or the majority of Americans, of personally hiring illegal Mexican immigrants. The fact is: illegal aliens come to the U.S., often buy forged documents, such as phony Social Security cards with legitimate Social Security numbers, as well as other forged documents, including driver’s licenses, and try to mix into American society.

Yes, there are a few companies — and I use “few” in relation to the number of businesses in all of the U.S. — that hire illegal aliens, including illegal Mexican immigrants, pay them in cash, or, when “hired,” don’t do background checks or the cursory check with the IRS to see the Social Security number used by the person is valid for that “employee.”

In a recent rambling, Navarrette wrote about Mexican President Felipe Calderón’s trip to several American cities, basically a political jaunt to win the hearts-and-minds of Americans, in a bid  to hid reality with a boat load of lies, sympathy-churning statements, and feel-good stuff for Americans who embrace down-and-out Mexicans who illegally come to the U.S., something, well, if it’s illegal, it’s in direct violation of U.S. laws. In this case, obviously, it’s the immigration laws and policy. Calderón, though, wants Americans — the lawful citizens of the United States — to believe that the Mexicans skipping out of his country are wanting to be productive, law-abiding citizens of the United States. Crime statistics, though, paint a grim reality in contrast to those comments.

A sign at the U.S.-Mexico border, warning motorists to watch for illegal aliens running into the roadway. Photo at Navarrette wrote in his banter that Calderón spoke to a U.S.-based reporter, recently, whining that “conservative talk show hosts and others are ratcheting up their anti-immigrant rhetoric and creating a hostile environment for all Mexicans in the United States.” In quoting Calderón, Navarrette added that the Mexican president “said this has produced ‘an atmosphere full of prejudice, an anti-immigrant atmosphere with certain themes that are also anti-Mexican, that benefits no one.’ And, he said, the worst thing that can happen is that countries mistake neighbors for enemies.”

It’s funny, no, it’s pathetic that Calderón and Naverrette, both, evidently, share the belief that “the worst thing that can happen is that countries mistake neighbors for enemies.”

In entering illegally into the U.S. — let’s rephrase this into plain, everyday English — by those Mexicans coming illegally into the U.S., bypassing the U.S.-Mexican border, and entering into the U.S. as “produce” or other commodities in the back of semis, hidden in secret compartments of vehicles, or by crossing are various unprotected spots along the U.S.-Mexican border — these people are doing something they know is illegal. These illegal aliens coming into the U.S. from Mexico are doing something they know will get them shipped back to Mexico if caught. What’s that mean to a person of average intelligence? It means they are knowingly, willfully committing an illegal act.

In committing illegal acts, especially against a nation, is that somehow supposed to win favor, supposed to make you a friend, an ally, of the country, and its people, against whom you’re committing this illegal act? Not a chance. In fact, it’s much the same as if a member of some fundamental wacky-job movement from another country were to attempt to infiltrate the U.S. border with the intent of causing harm in the U.S. You’re not a friend. You’re not an ally. You are an illegal alien. Because of the crime, you’re not a friend. You will not be treated as a friend. You’re an enemy of the state, at least in my eyes, because just like someone trying to break into my vehicle or home, if you’re attempting that, you’re not my friend. You are my enemy. I will wait for you, like a tiger waiting to pounce upon its prey, and kill you. Yes, I will kill anyone attempting to break into my home or my vehicle. Once you’ve violated the sanctity of my home or vehicle, well, you’re an intruder: an unwelcome, uninvited, unexpected trespasser who will face my wrath.

‘Mexico now takes in about $23 billion annually in remittances from Mexicans living in the United States. It has no interest in turning off the golden faucet.’ – Ruben Navarrette, Jr.

Those illegal aliens in the United States, though, believe they have some kind of “rights” that were granted to them when they set foot on American soil. Rights? What rights would I, as as American citizen, have if I illegally entered Mexico? What rights would I have — and how would I be treated if I was an illegal alien in Mexico. Forget asking why would I, or anyone else, want to be an illegal alien in Mexico, but focus on the turnabout question.

Mexico isn’t known for treating prisoners — especially Americans — nicely or politely. If you’re an illegal alien in Mexico, well, the Mexican authorities are even less polite and hospitable to its uninvited guests. Just do a to find the answer for yourself.

Navarrette, in his longing to excuse the actions of illegal aliens, wrote:

It’s as if many Americans are waiting around for Mexico to solve our immigration problem by creating jobs south of the border or physically restraining those intent on crossing into the United States. If so, they’re going to be waiting a long time. Mexico now takes in about $23 billion annually in remittances from Mexicans living in the United States. It has no interest in turning off the golden faucet.

Navarrette continues, saying Calderón “believes, as many Mexicans are slowly realizing, that the country is losing some of its best people and that the Mexican family – perhaps the country’s most beloved institution — is disintegrating because of massive migration.” Continuing on his rant, he adds, “(H)e didn’t want to lose more people to the United States, only to better serve and protect those Mexicans who are already here.”

Whoa, Nellie! Whoa! He doesn’t want to “lose” more people to the U.S., huh? Right. That’s why the Mexican government prints comic books with information about how to prepare, and then break into the U.S.! No, of course he doesn’t want to “lose” more people to the U.S. By that, I am taking “lose” to mean through legal avenues of entering the U.S.

The comment Navarrette made about Calderón wanted to “better serve and protect those Mexicans who are already” in the U.S., though, sickens me. First, Calderón is president of a foreign country. He has no say, no role, and no authority in the United States. If he wants to “serve” Mexicans, do so at home. For that matter, Calderón could become a servant, if he chose, and wait on the Mexican citizens hand-and-foot south of the U.S. border. As far as “protecting” those illegal Mexican immigrants — illegal aliens — “already in” the United States, though, there is no protection. In fact, the U.S. treats these people often too nicely, with kid gloves, if you will.

At protests over the past couple of years, demanding to be recognized as “legal humans” — I don’t think that was ever an issue, was it? — these people, all chanting in Mexican, demanded rights that American citizens have. They all demanded all sorts of things that they have no reason to even hope to have as illegal aliens. It’s brash — no, it’s outlandish — that these people would dare demand, in a country where they are living, stealing wages, taking from our treasury in a number of ways, and adding to the national debt, anything at all. In fact, they ought hide.

In America of the 1970s, even the 1980s, these people would be running, hiding, and doing everything to keep their faces hidden. Back then, if it was known they were illegal, in many areas agents from various federal agencies would have nabbed them. That would have been the end of their American vacation. Now, though, with sorry-tailed politicians sitting in Washington, D.C., refusing to uphold the laws and Constitution of the United States, against all enemies, these people believe they have “rights” which they do not have.

One final though, though, from Navarrette, is that, as he puts it, “(T)he immigration debate is an issue of national sovereignty. Calderón accepts that nations have the right to enforce their laws and control their borders. But, for him, this is also an issue of human rights – rights that don’t vanish at the U.S.-Mexico border.”

Actually, Ruben Navarrette, Jr., you are right, but mostly, you’re wrong. Those human rights you want to champion do not vanish — nor diminish — at the U.S.-Mexican border. For illegal aliens — those Mexicans who want to break into the U.S. much like a burglar breaking into a home in the middle of the night — there are no rights. They are intruders, invaders, if you will, in a foreign land. When caught, they are lucky to not be shot on-site as a threat to the nation. Fortunately, the U.S. reserves shooting for the most serious offenses, such as a many-time Mexican drug dealer who was shot in the butt by two U.S. border agents. Sadly, he is out living free, yet these agents, who did the right thing, are sitting in prison. Actually, they didn’t do the right thing. They screwed up. They should have put a bullet in the guy’s head. That way he would have been dead, drugs would have had to find a new drug dealer to enter the U.S. with, and one less illegal alien scum bag would have been in the U.S.

So, back to Navarrette’s statement that Americans are to blame for illegal immigration: No one here asked them to come to the U.S., so tell them all to go back home.

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1 Dave J. (Scoop0901) March 30, 2008 at 4:31 pm

Dee, thanks for your comments.

Ruben is a columnist. His writing is anything but “reporting.” It’s just pure commentary. This is America, so everyone is allowed an opinion. Everyone is also allowed to disagree with those opinions, as well.

When it comes to immigration, I’ve got a fairly decent check on things. I covered immigration issues, from both sides of the fence (illegal immigrants and their stories, as well as federal agents doing their jobs — from tracking ID theft rings providing phony Social Security cards, ID cards, and other documents to illegal aliens all the way to the other side of the fence: doing roundups at various employer locations and flophouses, for lack of a better term. No idea what would be a better term considering one person pays $20 a night for a “hotel” room and 10 people sleep in it to hide).

What have I missed in terms of immigration?

My position is that everyone can go right back where they (or their ancestors) came from, but then again, the indigenous people would be stuck, yet again, with the mess left over by all those who came to this land, illegally, and took what they wanted. Neither answer is perfect.

2 Dee March 28, 2008 at 8:33 pm

I read your profile, so I sense you are a nice guy, but you are way off when it comes to Immigration Issues. You really need to study the History of Immigration in our country.

Ruben is not so bad, but more of a reporter than anything else.

Hey, stop by my site and you will get the real scoop on Immigration issues. (I am 100% American and from an ethnicity perspective, part Hispanic and Native American too! Just like you!)

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